Tanguy Houseplants

Steve Ingham - Tanguy Houseplants - Art Farm 2018

Tanguy Houseplants

varying dimensions

Artfarm Pilastro – Sfocare

Pilastro di Bonavigo (VR)
June 2018

Another June in the Bassa Veronese, another edition of Umberto Polazzo’s Art Farm. This year, Lawren showed a sculptural piece in one of the tobacco drying barns while I showed paintings in the Vecchio Garage, a light-filled, whitewashed space which adjoins the Ca’Ottolini kitchen.

Lawren and I used the Vecchio Garage as our bottega during the days leading up to the opening, Friday night, the 22nd of June. Being next to the common area of the kitchen, we were able to meet and talk with our fellow artists as we worked. It’s a little like having someone looking over your shoulder as you cook, but it was inspiring and fun to be at the center of a creative ferment, with people passing to and fro on their various errands while we worked.

Along with a dozen of my mid-sized Tanguy Houseplant paintings, framed poster-style with recycled wood, I showed 56 individual Houseplant cards and 72 Drip Grid cards displayed on cylindrical gift shop racks we suspended from the ceiling. We’d found these racks next to the dumpsters years ago in the Verona center- knew they’d come in handy one day!

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